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The Bayan Association

A non-profit organization created in 1987 by two families, the Smiths and the Sabripours, driven by the desire to contribute to social and economic development through the practice of universal spiritual principles.

These two families traveled to one of the most remote areas of Honduras known as “La Moskitia Hondureña”, where two indigenous populations, the Garinagu and the Miskitu, coexist.

Our Programs

This is a formal education program at the high school and middle school level that was developed through the efforts of the Foundation for the Application and Teaching of Science FUNDAEC https://fundaec.org/ to contribute to the progress of rural regions. Students develop alternatives for production and community organization schemes that support the integral development of the communities.


Grassroots organizations, established locally through voluntary participation by some 10 to 30 members, dedicated to promoting their own progress and prosperity, along with that of their families and communities, based on the mobilization of their own financial resources and the application of moral values.

Seeks to contribute to the reduction of early marriages and pregnancies ( MET, for its acronym in Spanish) and to promote gender equality through the development and implementation of a school curriculum encouraging awareness and the development of the capacity to evaluate and examine their reality in order to make decisions based on relevant information that will allow them to change their social and cultural norms.